"Little Furries Rescue"- Who We Are

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Who We Are

Little Furries Rescue and Referral was founded in 2001 by one person who worked and volunteered at an animal shelter and realized that most of the time,the littlest furry ones are overlooked and forgotten. Even in the best shelters, adoptable rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small mammals often languish unnoticed in their cages while shelter visitors come only to adopt cats and dogs. In the worst of shelters, these little furries are routinely euthanized shortly after arrival, not given even the chance of a new home and a full life. And where there are no shelters available for unwanted little ones, many people simply set them "free", where their fate is death by the elements, starvation, or other animals. They often become food,not free! Most public and private animal shelters established to care for cats and dogs are not equipped to properly care for the smaller mammals. As a result, these little ones suffer in shelters due to inadequate housing, improper diets, high leveles of stress, low adoption rates and high euthanasia and mortality rates. Little Furries operates as a private rescue group out of private homes, providing a safe refuge to as many little furry lives as possible until they find loving forever homes. Little Furries animals are housed in multiple foster homes in the central and southern NJ area. Little Furries not only offers a sanctuary to aniamls whose time has run out at shelters, but also offers a cross-referencing resource for other rescues, shelters, and private individuals who are seeking to find a new home for animals in their care. If space available Little Furries will also occasionally accept owner surrendered pets in urgent need; in these cases, a monetary donation or a donation of supplies must be made to help cover the costs of care until a forever home is found. Little Furries-Strongly-advocates spaying/neutering all domestic pets: the only realistic solution to the pet overpopulation problem. Spay/neuter and other vet costs are the greatest of Little Furries expenses. To make an online donation please go to paypal!