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Buy a stranger thier coffee!


Hey guys! I have a mission for you! One of these mornings, when you are at Wawa, or where ever, and you are checking your coffee out at the register, pay for the person's coffee that is behind you! Most of the time the person will smile.. sometimes they are confused.. but you will almost ALWAYS feel great about doing something nice for someone else! AND even though it seems like nothing.. you made a difference! Now amplify that feeling by 10, THAT is what it feels like to be able to help homeless animals! But we can't do it without the kindness of others! Please consider adopting, volunteering, donating or spreading the word about us to help us in our mission! And please don't ever think whatever way you help is too small! It all makes a huge impact in what we do, and YOU are saving lives too!

Money Mail


Woke up this morning to a huge rubbermaid tote full of donations for the rescue and a $50 bill in it..the note said" Bunnies Against Bullies, keep up the good work!" hahaha coolest thing ever! I have no idea who left it!